Dead Sea Fine Bath Salt 16 oz

Dead Sea Fine Bath Salt 16 oz


Mineral salts have been utilized for millennia for their healing & therapeutic powers. The combination of water and sea salts are the core of ancient therapy treatments. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, discovered the therapeutic healing properties of seawater after noticing its healing effects on the injured hands of fishermen. Seawater not only restricted the possibility of infection, it also promoted pain relief by the patients that followed treatments involving the use of seawater. Sea salt therapies are effective treatments that assist in the rejuvenation of the body’s cells as well as induce a healthy exchange of toxins and minerals between the blood and the water.

This Dead Sea Salt is Certified 100% authentic, pure and natural and are the same salts used in spas around the Dead Sea in Israel. High concentrations of minerals in the Dead Sea are what give these salts their unique scent. This indicates the purity of these salts. The small inorganic specs are natural earth elements. Salt extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea is only about 10% Sodium with the other 90% accounting for other minerals which are essential for proper skin function, but which are present in very small quantities in regular sea salt.

Uses: Ideal for use in the bath, as a body scrub, and professional spa therapy use. Dead Sea salts are an extremely popular treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema and remineralization of the body!

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