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The increase in collagen and elastin only takes place if Vitamin C is present in the skin!! This product is probably the most important skin care product. It not only protects the skin from UV damage, it also is the best anti-aging compound for skin. It is a highly concentrated Vitamin C Serum with proven antioxidant and regenerative properties to help fight and repair signs of aging by building collagen and elastin. The ingredients in the Vita C Serum contain active ingredients that provide a direct benefit to the skin and are not just carriers.


Usage Instructions:

Dispense four to ten drops into palm of hand, and pat over face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing and toning. You may also apply this to the backs of hands and/or arms, as these show the earliest signs of aging. Follow with the appropriate moisturizing product.



L-Ascorbic Acid 20%, Glycerol Caffeine Citrate, Acetyl-glutathione, Rice Starch, Glycerol, D-Beta Fructan, D-Beta glucosamine, Amino-Guanidine, L-Castor Oil, Hamamelis Extract (Witch Hazel Extract) and Phenyl Butyl Nitrone (Spin Trap).

Vitamin C


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